[HIRING] Hiring someone to build a couple farms

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  1. I want this farm on my res:

    I want 6 of these on my res.

    PAY: Once I find the builder I will supply 50,000 for materials, and you can keep the leftover rupees.

    If you already have all the needed materials for this build, great you can make a lot for a simple build. If not, put your buying skills to the test to keep as much as you can.

    Contact me if you're interested.
  2. I am interested in doing the builds for you, you can find me on smp1 on res 2202 if you pick me to do it
  3. i can easily build this i have one on my res
  4. New farm added, found a builder for the first one.
  5. i can build whatever you want man come check out 19116
  6. I'm there.