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  1. I am looking for somebody to build this. I have this built into a full grinder already but this design is very out of date and not too efficient compared to newer designs like the one shown. The catch is- I have a dual grinder and the spawners are exceptionally close. You must be fairly good at redstone and not dying in the nether :rolleyes:.

    • MUST be a Gold+ supporter. This build is on Utopia.
    • MUST be able to finish the build- Once hired, you must complete.

    • Honestly, I have no idea what to pay for this, so that can be discussed via PM with myself.
    How to get hired:

    • PM me about if you can do it and how much you would do it for (I WILL be supplying all materials you need (tools included)).
    Pictures to show closeness.
  2. Hmm, might speak with the person I hire about this. Seems like a much easier design to build. And yes, in the first picture that is the afk spot which activated both unless spawners changed in the last 2-3 updates...

    edit: Initially wanted to do this but I tried a few translocators on EMC and the timings are just so wrong so sad panda face. :p
  3. that design does not work on emc i have tried it the slime blocks will not retract right try a funnel design
  4. Thanks for the info! Will edit in the design Kloned linked me instead for the one to be built :).
  5. your welcome i know that funnel designs that do not use slime blocks work best
  6. Bump! Am willing to pay very good money for this to be done!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.