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  1. Building Details:

    50x50 with 14 floors
    Budget around 350k-400k
    Design can be modern OR kind of jungle temple idea.
    Logic/enough space for chest placement for the shops.

    Please, only contact me if you got enough time irl!
    If I forgot something about the details, just ask in PM!
    Any questions or wanna discuss something with me?
    Just send me a PM!
  2. No-one?! :(

  3. I'd do it, but I am not that good at building :p
  4. Maybe got some builds / pictures I can see? :)
  5. I build. I used to build on here a while back before I came to college. It was all deleted because I never logged on. Anyways, I would say I'm a decent builder. Just give me details on what you want and I can make it happen
  6. OMG wow so that tag right there. That's something I built before it got deleted XD
  7. Would Strongly suggest making the budget higher. Most charge that much for a SP world of the build, but to be built on the server, would end up costing more.

    Also would suggest to ask for a Profile of all of the builds they have built.. (Imgur Album for example).

    And a small side note, wait for a few offers, as sometimes you will ask one, and get an offer after you already made the deal with another... So best to get many offers.

    Hope this helps, :)
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  8. Thanks for the help!
    I will look on the budget! Since Im planning on working together with someone else :)

    And indeed, I already had in mind to ask for pictures.

    Thanks again for the help! :)
  9. If you got some pictures from your builds, that would be great :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.