[Hiring]Getting pay'd for grinding mobs.

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  1. So i am hoping to auction off a double chest of glass and i need blaze rods to smelt the sand. So any1 who can get me a loads of blaze rods i will pay 2000r. Also if you dont know where one is i can show you Big Davies on utopia (must be suporter)
  2. 2000r per stack?
  3. 2000r can buy you lots and lots of wood to make charcoal with.
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  4. No just 2000 for 1 chest(not a double)
  5. If you know where there's a blaze grinder then why don't you use it? Also if its someone else's you should probably ask the owner if it's ok to share the coordinates.
  6. Its big davies and its public
  7. Im to scared
  8. i sell blaze rods for 4r @ 1004 smp1 thats the cheapest u will find them
  9. Not to discourage you spending money at different peoples shops - but I would personally recommend Lava buckets. They will shoot out 100 items for just one Lava bucket (and you will get the bucket back)

    This is my preference - but you would have to run into the Nether real quick and refill your buckets every 100 items. The only material cost is the 3 Iron Ingots for each Bucket...
  10. My brother sells them for 4r at 1004 :)
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  11. Oops it seems hES already been here.
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