Hiring Full Time Production Coordinator/Manager

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  1. Salary and benefits to be determined, but definitely include leadership experience, communications skills, organization skills, and a challenging , motivating, hopefully fun environment.

    I'm looking for someone to help attract, manage, and coordinate suppliers across multiple servers (2, soon to be more). Responsibilities include:
    > Periodically advertising supplier roles, especially when people on the server ask for jobs.
    > Interviewing new candidates. I will help train you how to do this effectively.
    > I am expecting at least 3 new suppliers per day.
    > Communicating with suppliers, and passing forward any issues which you can't resolve yourself.
    > Keeping tabs on who is supplying what, and helping suppliers deliver on their promises.
    > Helping to train suppliers and supply basic tools (if they need them).
    > Daily update on suppliers status, and new suppliers so I can get their rooms set up.

    > Highly available. At least 3 hours/day on EMC.
    > Previous shop/production experience.
    > Good communcation skills.
    > Reliable and motivated.

    If you're interested, send me a PM including:
    > Availability.
    > Past experience.
    > Why this job interests you.
    > Previous time on EMC.
    > What you hope to get out of this job.
    > Things which you feel you can bring to the job that others can't.
  2. I'm interested
  3. I'm accepting applications via PM.