(hiring)for HunterEnterprises

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  1. Im hiring people for my new company "HunterEnterprises" when you get this you get staff on everything we own (shop,farms,etc.) and you get a office at the res 14641 on smp7.
  2. Maybe.:p

    Oh, ok, count me in ;););)
  3. Sure, I'll do it but when you say staff do you mean perms?
    I'll Join anyway though :p
  4. No thanks im going to stay independent!
  5. No staff for the store and stuff not the server :rolleyes:
  6. So what exactly do we do?
  7. I'll join. Time to set up my traps and "humanly" kill some animals :rolleyes:
  8. What we do is goto the wild mine,bring it back i sell it and u get half the money u got from mining
  9. Ok guys sorry about this but i just reset my res so no more. Please dont say u wanna join because the company is closed