Hiring for Gravel and Sand gatherers

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  1. The concrete biz needs Gravel and Sand by the single and double chest.

    This is an on-going need that does not anticipate an end. There are Buy chests set up at /v +concrete on smp7 for stacks of gravel or sand.

    Prices are:
    Gravel stack 65r each
    Sand Stacks 50r each

    can you supply an entire dc of Gravel? The price is 4k each.
    can you supply an entire dc of Sand? The price is 3.5k each

    You do not need to answer this post in order to sell. If the chests are full, please contact me in-game or send me a message.

    If you are having trouble finding where in the Wastes to gather gravel or sand? ask around. Or i have a few leads i can give you for smp7
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  2. This has been an interesting discussion of economics.

    The gravel business is looking for wholesale suppliers. Constantly on-going.
    Shops are generally looking for retail suppliers. One chest and done- type of business.

    Wholesale prices are generally lower than retail... that's the point. That is the reason that concrete prices are as low as they are currently being offered. There is more gravel (and sand) out there for those to get, it just has to be ... gotten.

    So, when I get told that the concrete takes too long to generate (arguably there is a limit to how much concrete one can convert in one day, without abusing the afk rule - seriously!) or if we have to wait for supply of gravel. I would argue that the economy has room for more than one effort to be made for someone wanting concrete.

    So, there are a couple of options.

    Were you making an offer to sell gravel? If so, that seems higher than we have been paying. But we would be willing to discuss.
    Or are you able to convert concrete at a faster rate than normal? If so, i would love to hear how you are managing to do that!

    Thank you for your comment in "the Jobs Offered" thread. But i would appreciate if we could keep this thread on topic.
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  3. Buying prices for gravel and sand have gone up.
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