[HIRING] Floor Designer!

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  1. I am looking for a floor designer for my shop.

    To get this job, you must submit 2 24x24 block designs to me by July 30th. These floor designs must include the following items: glowstone, spruce wood planks, spruce wood logs, and birch wood planks. Brown wool is optional. The designs must be 24 blocks by 24 blocks, as my shop is 24x24. If you would like to see my shop, it is at res 3713 on Smp2. If you use any other color of wool other than brown, I might not hire you. I will supply all materials needed. Checkerboard patterns and stripes are not acceptable. I want a pattern, but a unique pattern.

    If you get this job, I will pay you 300r per floor. You will need to build 18 floors. If you dropout or I fire you, I will pick another one of the people who submitted designs. If I don't choose you, I will still pick you if the chosen designer is fired or quits.
  2. Is it just me or did this post come off with an attitude? I mean half the time you talk about getting fired and having to redo things.. It scares me lol
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  3. How do you create a pattern with just brown wool?
  4. Agreed.

    Ark, the tone of your post is very... aggressive. I realize you want someone who will commit to the work and give you a design you like, but the way you present yourself is very hostile and threatening - personally, not really a situation I am inclined to place myself in regardless of how much you propose paying.

    Consider rephrasing yourself to be less confrontational, and you may get a better response :)
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  5. And all the logs he listed.
  6. I am sorry, i am just tired of getting blown off by other people and other things in my empire life and i just wanted to make sure that this time, people understood that I want a loyal worker, and that I will fire you if you doing something that I don't like, there is a chance I will fire you. I feel like I didn't make that clear to the other people.
  7. Hire oremia?
    They are great at stuff like this.
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  8. I mean I could design you some stuff, but I'd rather not build 18 of them...
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  9. Uh no..

    That was always there and you can read it in your post's quote.
  10. WEll, whatever I'm not making a design for 300 rupees. Good Luck!
  11. Technically it's 5400r, 300x18 floors :p
  12. Like I said Not gonna make a design for 300r, Ark_Warrior want 18 different designs
  13. He only said to make 2 designs :rolleyes:
  14. well, yes and no. I wanted two designs for the selection, but 18 if you get chosen.
  15. I already talked to her and she said that she would, but she is busy with her new house irl and in game.
  16. She did the second floor of my shop. I love her designs.
  17. Well good luck :p
  18. i already have a person going for the job. I really don't want to be forced to choose one person. Is it really that much of a burden.
  19. Lemme put it this way: Dig out a whole res by yourself or design floors?