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  1. Hello once again! Chief here. I need explorers! Are you up for an adventure? Do you want money? Then this job is for you! I am funding an expedition to go to the frontier. I need a group of at least 4 people to explore and find the perfect place in which to settle and build an outpost. The trip will be fully funded, and you will be paid! Each explorer will be given armor, food, and anything else they may need to survive the harsh climate of the Frontier. This will pay well! I am looking for an area that is next to a lake, in a forest, or mountain biome. More details will be revealed if, and when people sign up. Too apply for this job, comment down below, how long you've been on the server, how badly you want to go, and if you'd like to be a part of the outpost, when it has been created. Thanks!
  2. It seems I have already established such a place :p

    Out of curiosity, what smp are you looking to be on?
  3. oh yes forgot. smp7
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  4. I'm on Smp7 I would be happy to go explore for you. I love to help people so really want to help. I would possibly be able to settle there I have settled in many places and I would love to in more.
  5. i would like to help i am 227 days old and i have nothing better to do so i dont see why not to help:)
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  6. and i live on smp7
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  7. 2 members down! only 2 to go! Apply now! it Pays well!
  8. what type of armor and wepons will we be geting
  9. I am out in the SMP7 outpost very, very far already. I can meet up with the expedition when I get back on my computer in a week or two. If someone could just bring my armor and stuff along, that would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Iron. If you'd like to bring books to enchant, then be my guest, but none will be provided.
    I dunno chameleon. I think this outpost will be in the East, so unless you are there, and along the path I will send you all on, then I don't know if you'll meet them
  11. when will we be leaving
  12. I am in the Southwest. Where I am I have past 3-4 temples, multiple villages, and more. If you send them west or south, I can meet up with them then.
  13. Okay. We'll see chameleon
  14. Hey there Chief, Merc here. I think I can definely help you with that (since I'm unemployed). Just lemme know if you need help with the expedition and stuff
  15. awesome! your hired!
  16. We have four people!
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  17. Little question... When do I start?
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