Hiring: expert darkroom mob grinder builder

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  1. Hello!
    Gilead Outpost in Utopia is looking for an expert to build a massive darkroom mob grinder/xp farm. By massive, I mean as big as possible. You must be a supporter as it is located in the wild in Utopia. Materials and labor will be provided upon request. You can do this job for money, or you can choose to become part of this outpost and share the facilities we have available. Please feel free to reply to this post if you have any interest in this project, or send me a pm :) Thanks
  2. :mad: I have this great desing forming in my head, but I'M NO SUPPORTER!!!! :(:mad::(
  3. That is a disadvantage of it being located in utopia, but the wild is far less populated there, and that means less griefers:)
  4. PM me and we can discuss some details about the farm and what you're exactly looking for. :)