[HIRING] Empire Brother's Tower (Builders)

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  1. I am looking for an individual or multiple to take on a project that is a bit big but pays very well.

    A Few Details
    • The tower will be made of quartz, glass, and clay blocks.
    • The tower will be 30 floors high
    • You will be doing a lot of math, I will provide rupees for the materials once you have a list of what the build will take.
    The pay for this job is 500,000 Rupees, not including the cost for materials. If you want too hire others too help you build it comes out of your 500,000.
    First 15 floor outline

    Top 15 Floor Outline (Middle)
  2. can u give dimensions per floor
  3. I will do it with my build company. PM me on forums
  4. I will be building the outline on a residence soon, and will post the res number here.
  5. Oh well I posted on the wrong one I guess. Oops. Well like I said, I'm willing to do it if it's just building a design, not designing.
  6. It is designing and building.
  7. I could do it if you want
  8. Uploaded the correct outline for the top 15 floors.
  9. I'm more of a grunt worker. You tell me where to place a ton of blocks and I'll do it :p I don't do this "math" that you speak of. If you need that type of assistance, let me know!
  10. Sorry guys, sorry to spoil the party but im doing it
  11. Confirmed, Builder and his team are doing the project.
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