[HIRING] Dirt removal pays 25k

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  1. Job: Removing all remaining dirt from res 18466 on SMP9 (Some dirt already tnt'ed)

    Payment: Will pay 25k for service to one person. If a team takes on the project one person will be payed and he/she can divide up the money however they see fit.

    Gear: I will set up a haste beacon shortly and will provide 10 diamond shovels past that your on your own.

    Requirements: Must be completed in 10 days and you must be at least 100 days on EMC.

    PM me on the website if you want the job you will be payed half (12,500r) up front and the other half when the job is complete.

    Thank You!
  2. Reminds me of something...
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  3. Yeah I got the idea from you I've been wanting my res cleared for a long time and didn't think to post on the forums until I saw your thread thank you for the idea though!
  4. No problems...
  5. Job is open if anyone wants it!!
  6. I will take this job on!
  7. I would love to help as well
  8. Jon is now taken:)
  9. *Job
  10. Gotta love autocorrect lol
  11. aw :( im too late lol