[Hiring] Dirt Placer

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  1. Job: Place dirt
    Payment: Around 17,000. It depends on how long you take.
    I provide dirt.
    Bonus: Dig out my pattern on each row. A lot of digging (More than a full inventory I'd assume) Example is on the bottom. Pays about 2-3k. Again, depends on speed and accuracy.

    Place 26 layers (Give or take a layer) of 60x60 dirt.

    Payment will be made upon completion. My residence is on smp 4, number 8473. I'll be online tomorrow to choose from people who want the job.


    I'm paying you to finish, not give up. If you do finish, yay. If not, no payment will be given. Two layers are partially completed.
  2. It's a lot of work, so before you decide you'll take it, you should come check it out. I'd say it's several hours of work. I don't expect it done fast. Within a week is crazy, so hopefully within 2-3 weeks would work out.
  3. A possible bonus is that even after you finish you'll retain the ability to harvest. Fill up your inventory with Sugar Cane in just a few minutes, if that.
  4. I could do it.
  5. Did you take a look at it? It looks a lot less fun then it sounds, and it doesn't sound fun at all
  6. I'm at my res if anyone wants to come and check out the work load.
  7. Crazy, i couldnt find thread where you were buying dirt, just letting you know i got 3 DC of dirt and more to come...
  8. Ok thanks! I'll be online to pickup in a couple hours! Again, I really appreciate it
  9. Np, again, im digging out perty much my whole res, i dont need the stuff lol.
  10. I can do it but on monday next week
  11. Ill do a layer or two.. Do I get paid by layers or what? Ill do some but not all