[Hiring] Diggers

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  1. Ok so I need some people to dig out part of my residence. at 14362 in the middle there is a hole and in that hole is dug out, the part that is dug out the deepest is the layer that needs to be dug to. (the whole res wide except the part in the corner). Comment below if you are interested in digging. Once the digging is done we can discuss a nice payment. (maybe diamonds ;)) I will pm you if I want to hire you. :D
  2. Ill do it if you provide good shovels. If you dont I can I guess
  3. I knew you would come...i have attracted a wild rhino! :p
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  4. All done :p can a mod close this please?
  5. I might be able to give ya a hand, assuming ya want me.

    EDIT: Haha, bad timing xD
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  6. I will be able to help you. Do you have any shovels?
  7. I can supply enchanted dia shovels.
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  8. Please read above...the job is done but thanks anyways :)