hiring diggers!

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  1. it will be 500r for 20 min of good digging
    if the price is too low please tell me
    its at res 9444
  2. I am interested but digging what?
  3. I know. But for what?
  4. To clear his res
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  5. If it is to clear it all I am very interested
  6. plz come then its smp4 9444 and ty onaj
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  7. I offer for each diamond shovel i use 800r. I will take care of shovels.If You think of another price tell me
  8. He offered you 500... So 500r per 20 mins + ~40r per shovel. Not 800r per shovel...
  9. I dont agree with the price so I just offered more.
  10. ... that alot for using 1 shovel i use 1 shovel every 10 sec, we can make another deal but i think thats a bit too much
  11. How much for each diamond shovel?
  12. 1 diamond = 55 (most) so 55 per shovel and 500r per 20 min?
  13. I dont do it by minutes. I do it for shovels. I provide diamond shovels and I use it until it is broken.500r for te shovel?
  14. ... 1 shovel = 55r plus the 1 min = not 500r
    how about 200 per shovel
  15. sorry no longer need workers for now!
  16. I will do it for free with the hand.