[Hiring DIggers] Dig out my res!

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  1. I am hiring to dig out the rest of my residence on SMP2. Shovels and Chests for dirt will be provided. Large sections are already dug out. This is a reverse auction of sorts, in that whoever will offer me the lowest price in the next 24 hours will be hired. Bonuses for finishing fast.
  2. Cmon Guys, I really need this done!
  3. Anyone else offering this for lower? Creppa, its 4202 if you want to check it out.
  4. 4 hours to go until Creppa gets the job.
  5. Wow! Terminator, 4202 on SMP2. You can look and see what still needs to be done.
  6. Hi friend :)

  7. My offer stands at 10k
  8. EDIT: 7999r
  9. Lol I'm getting this so cheaperz!
  10. Going to go lower, Terminator?
  11. Do this like a man and stop with your 1r decreases
  12. Haha yeah! If I get this below 5k I will be le happiest man alive
  13. I could sell you tnt as I get more of it. It has a bigger radius in 1.3.