[Hiring] Digger

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  1. I am hiring Some one to do the digging for me at my wild outpost
    I need about 20 to 30 layers removed from a 150 by 150 area.
    I will supply a haste 2 beacon and 2 Eff 5 pick axes anvils and diamonds.
    The starting pay is 100k and will go up he faster you get it done.
    Please pm if your interested.
  2. What is the approximate travel time to your hole?
  3. I would be totally up for it. What server is it on?
  4. is this job still open if so can i do it
  5. Smp4
  6. Please pm one the forums
  7. I'll take it send me location info please
  8. It's been done for a long time sorry