{Hiring} Digger

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  1. I need someone to dig out the plot 8999. Let me know how much you will do it for and how fast you can do it.
  2. --_--
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  3. i'll do it 20k :)
  4. I'll do it for any amount of money. :D
  5. Gimme a price.
  6. I mean I don't wanna go ridiculous high. Maybe 10k?
  7. You can have the job for 10k. Come to 8999 on smp4
  8. no i wanna do it!
  9. Okay
  10. well actullay you do it topdwag
  11. Bob you should hire more than just Topdawg to do this job. It's a really big job for just one person.

    I'm starting to feel bad for Top and his lonely self, digging. xD
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  12. Naw, he's just DIGGY DIGGY A HOLE!
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  13. Worst part is I'm doomed to unenchanted iron shovels. Ran out of the diamond enchanted ones.
  14. Would you like to help?
  15. i can help for 10k
  16. if u can pay me 10k to help topdawg657 we know each other from my auction lol
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  17. ^ Yep. Bought a chest of enchanted diamond/iron stuff for 50k rupees. haha
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  18. This is what you need Bob; a digging crew! :D
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