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  1. I have two residences next to each other and I'm looking for
    someone to come up with a concept/design for me,
    since killing things is more in my area of expertise rather than building.
    I do not need anything built for me, just the design.
    I'm open to all ideas and negotiations as far as prices for this.
    I have no clue what something like this would cost.
    This is the color pallet I'd like to go off of:

    And also possibly white (quartz)

    I do not want to use any stones, wool, or wood blocks in the design, which I know makes it difficult.
    Ideas of blocks I'd prefer are stained clay, dyed glass, and coal blocks.
    I am incredibly picky and annoying to work with, so only pm me if you are super serious about it.
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  2. I am confused about this. U want a design but most build and design as they build depending on the theme.
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  3. Yeah, that makes sense. I guess maybe I'm looking for a custom design made in singleplayer so I can emulate it on my own residences.
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  4. Still looking
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  5. I am currently juggling too much for me to handle but around the beginning of next year I should have more time. If you have not found someone by then, pm on the forums and I'll gladly design for you. I'm currently going to college for architecture and I have a couple of builds I have made to display if needed. But again, I would not beable to design it anytime soon untill I finish the projects I already have.
  6. Ok, this is what m getting, you have 2 residences and you want a map flag? Is that correct? If so i can do that, but if its like building a building I can do that, you just have to supply all materials. And I take a pay of either 50-120k.
  7. So you want a design for your res's? What do you want it to be (base, shop, house, etc)? Do you want the res's to be combined in the design?
  8. I do not want a map flag. I want a building designed for me. I will do the building. For the first res, I'm mainly looking for a modern house type building. Still haven't decided what I want for the 2nd res, but it will blend in with whatever is going on the 1st res. If you're interested, pm me examples of your work and we'll talk about prices, etc.
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