[HIRING] Deconstruction Job - 15,000 R Pay

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  1. I have an old monument on my res, pretty much blocks of diamond, lapiz, gold, etc.

    I need someone I can trust to do this job, as it is A LOT of ingots and gems. If you are interested, let me know.

  2. I will be willing to do it...
  3. Hmm, I could do this. :p I have nothing else to do right now (other than work on my Chisel Me This residence...)
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  4. 17623 on SMP8

    Whichever of you is free right now.
  5. I will do this, I have a god pickaxe I will gladly use if I do this job, and I have nothing else to do for saturday, sunday and monday
  6. I could do it
  7. *all griefers tune in.. :p* Sorry, I can't help with this right now, I am working on a project right now. When people have removed your monument, will you buid a bigger one? :)
  8. Maybe on another res, I'm dedicating this one to storage and auto farms.

    And the job is half finished, Dufne had to get off, so the pay is currently 7,000R to finish the job.
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  9. I can do it, and ill come with only a few picks so you can trust me. Or have a mod check my inv if you really want
  10. IamShyGuyNow is finishing it up. I'll let you know if I need anything else though, if you're good with building auto-farms or following youtube tutorials, I am hiring a lot of those.
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  11. Im not to good at farms myself but RebelSpartan is.
  12. I'm good at building auto farms