[HIRING] Creeper farm builder

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  1. Heyo, I'm looking for someone to build this creeper farm for me,

    PM me if you are interested and we can discuss a price!

  2. I already built it and it's not a very high out put so I built 2 and going to build 2 more. to increase the out put, I put slabs over the magma blocks and use my looting sword. I get XP that way as well. gotta run ... talk more leter.
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  3. I have built this and it is not a good output on this server.
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  4. Something a lot simpler than that video (albeit probably much lower output) would be to make a 17x17 square and put water in the middle three blocks on each side. The very center block is where the creepers fall into. Cover the ceiling in trapdoors and put carpets two apart. It is a passive farm (requires player presence in order for mobs to move and fall into the water) but in theory if built with enough levels it could be efficient.
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  5. Worldedited this monstrosity in creative. Same parameters as described above. Command block moves all slimes into the void 20 times a second.

    It net me roughly 1 stack per minute, or 3,840 an hour (rough math.) It is very simple and relatively resource friendly, however.

    edit: redid it to roughly y=180: recalculating drop rate now. (23 stacks an hour)

    edit2: this farm doesn't seem to be effective at the top layers. The bottom ~15 are crawling with creepers, and as you go up the creepers are spread out more; the topmost layers have no activity at all.
  6. Any way I could get you to build that for me on emc? Also thanks for contributing to the thread!
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  7. i have built this model early last year and the cat situation was very extremely frustrating for me...

    as for the output, I have nothing bad to say for output, as it is AFK-able... so, yeah
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  8. I could probably do that. Will you provide mats? How many levels would you want on it? 20 seems to be the most efficient.
  9. This model actually does not include cats. I've found it to be efficient enough to where the creepers usually make their way into the water very quickly, without the need for cats. I haven't tried it with a cat on each level yet but due to the way the canals are set up I would need four cats for each level.
  10. not referring to your design tho