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    Heya Empire!
    A new project has begun, the Aegis Casino.
    As a few of you know, I am not one that is very good with redstone.
    As you know, I like hiring people, mostly because building alone sucks.

    Do you have a machine that can be used on a SMP server, which will fit well into my casino, and would you love to earn a bit of credit and cash on building it into my casino? Well, here is the deal.
    I cannot say anything about payments here, because I do not know what people will bring in. Let us say I promise 10k to everyone with a design, and someone has a HUGE design that I pay him 10,000r for and someone has a 1x1 design that can say blub and I pay 10,000r for that as well, that would not be fair. I have to say, that the machine can be anything from three blocks long to let us say 10000 blocks long, the casino is very large, and we can always find a solution to fit the machine you're bringing into the floor.

    If you have a machine, it can be an automatic one (auto pay, auto dealer) that can be fine, but I prefer having machines where people pay the dealer a certain amount of R U P E E S and the dealer clicks a button or pulls a lever, whatever - to fire up the machine. You start a conversation with me either in game or on the forum, to show me pictures, videos or even better - free cake. We will discuss the machine a bit e.g. is it random? Is it always functional? How much do you want for building it inside my casino?
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  2. i could watch youtube videos and build thos if you want XD
  3. faith, do you mean things such as a slot machine?
    I could set up a few very basic ones if you wish.
  4. Hit me up with a PM of a few pictures/explanations on all the machines you can do.

    Hit me up with a PM of a few pictures/explanations on all the machines you can do.
  5. Automatic wheel of rupees ;)? I've got it on a SP world. 22x20x23.
  6. that just sounds cool even without seeing pictures.
  7. Please send me some screenshots, and perhaps the world save :)
  8. I'll upload in a bit
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  9. bump, please contribute with all you got! If you bring something really great, you will be paid similar; great.