[HIRING] Building Designers

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by Trapper777, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. DESIGNERS - You will be in charge of designing, in a creative world, a build for a client. Must be timely, open to criticism, and experienced in making aesthetic builds. This position requires talent, but pays well. I take care of all of the business stuff, you just get to create and get paid!

    Payment will vary for each unique build, but here I've given a few ballpark estimates:
    • A mall (4 levels, 50x50) would give you a paycheck of ~112,000r.
    • A small house (2 levels, 20x20) would get you a paycheck of ~57,000r.
    If I hire you, you will receive info on a deal once and awhile. If you decide you want to do it, we'll set you up with the client and you will be expected to do your job in a timely manner. There is no guarantee for you to get work, but also the requirements on how much or little work you pick up is largely left to you. There will be some exclusivity stuff but it's negotiable.
    PM ME or POST BELOW if you are interested in any position.