[HIRING] Builders - All experience levels, Designers & Redstoners - Talented. Great Pay.

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  1. Hello! I have four positions open right now.

    We have two construction positions.

    • BUILDERS - If you can be expected to keep your word and come work on time, that's all you need.. Must be able to copy exactly a build on a singleplayer world into EMC. Must be able to work both in Wilderness and in Town (you get a large bonus for Wilderness work, however). Emphasized hard work and timeliness.
    • REDSTONE BUILDERS - Same as above, but focused on complex redstone mechanics. Experience required. Emphasis on hard work and timeliness.
    Some pay examples:

    • A megamall (4 levels, 50x50) would get you around 20,000r per builder.
    • A small house (2 levels, 20x20) would get you around 9,000r per builder.
    If I hire you, you will receive info on a deal once and awhile. If you decide you want to do it, we'll set you up with the client and you will be expected to do your job in a timely manner.
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  2. I can design and build and I am decent at Redstone

    I have a work examples at 9111, 9300, 8909, and 14907.
  3. Great. I'll send a PM
  4. ill be willing to work as a designer im acutually on a build team server as a designer
    Im also decent at redstone
    - Thanks! Haileyy6 :)
  5. Bump. We have enough designers now. :)
  6. Well, I can try to redstone. I have a bunch of redstone farms on my residence at /v 1293.
  7. I know you have designers, but I've done a lot of wilderness builds, and I'd love to help with them

    I'd also be willing to help with redstoning.
  8. Good builder and i do most of my build on single player first then replicate them onto the server. Love to help, but not that good at redstone. Can do either wilderness or town builds.
  9. im a good builder i build 20x20 small houses in my sleep
  10. Could you post some examples (not in creative)?
  11. Um I might apply but I can't be on when you need me proboly (my mom only lets me have a little minecraft each day)
  12. Could you elaborate a little more on your scheduling issues? How long can you be on each day?
  13. 30 min to 1 hour.
  14. I would like to apply for builder. One of my builds is at 15167 and one I copied is at 1795.
  15. What kind of redstone experience are you talking about, exactly?
  16. Specifically, being able to copy complex redstone designs from a build on a Creative world into EMC/Survival.