[Hiring] Builder!!!

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  1. Hi everyone I need a builder fast!!!
    • I am already having a project going, but a new one has come.....
    • I will be willing to pay 200k or a Gold Supporter Voucher......
    • The builder must be familiar with medieval style.....
    • The builder must supply.......
    • The build will make any given SMP better......
    • The deadline is November 20th......

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  2. This isn't very descriptive but I can show you some of my medieval builds. That's quite the payout :)
  3. I know, Just trying to find a builder and tell him my plan.
  4. I have a somewhat midevil castle on smp7 in the frontier if you'd like ill give you the coordinates
  5. Thanks, I would appreciate it...
  6. BUMP, Need this build to be done in 2-4Hours!!! ASAP
  7. Have some pics?
  8. WellI used to have one I built a giant castle it was realy cool
  9. here they are
  10. I also build a mansion and prison faction for my friends server sadly i do not have those photos and my friends serever does not exist anymore