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  1. I am not much of a builder, so i am looking for someone with building talent to build the Terrione Town Hall.

    it needs to fit on a 15 x 22 plot. If you like, build it in singleplayer and post some screenshots here. Payment is negotiable.
  2. A few questions...

    What type of builds are the surrounding buildings?

    What are the prominent blocks that the surrounding buildings use?

    Is there any height requirements?

    Do you wish for any lighting conditions? (Torches, Glowstone, Redstone lamps?)
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  3. Ok. Here goes.

    #1: Rustic style. explained in detail in #2.

    #2: Mainly Spruce logs and planks. glass panes, cobblestone roofs. some stone brick. gravel roads. some stone half slabs. All the builds are meant to keep a sort of, large village style, if that makes sense. *my house stands out as the tallest building in the city and only house atm*

    #3: No, but making it very tall would make it stand out awkwardly, among lower slung buildings.

    #4: Prefer torches, restone lamps can be used as accent lighting or deco. glowstone would be ok, but torches or lamps first.
  4. I'll have a rough build set up for you by tomorrow. (EMC Time)
  5. ok, thak you. I'll take you to the actual buidl site after i see the finished build. Also, as a note, the building needs to include a sort of meeting hall and maybe 2-3 offices. Sorry if i'm asking too much for a small space.
  6. I'll have to make it two floors. Also did you expect me to come out to build it? I had just planned on placing it into a downloadable file...
  7. two floors is fine. but yes i was expecting that. EDIT: send me the the world file, and i can build it off of there.