[Hiring] Builder!!

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  1. What I need:
    An Over Grown Over Powered Tree!!
    How big?
    This Big Obviously this picture is bigger then a EMC res. So I would like the SAME design, and same kind of looks. I want it to all be on 1 res. I would also like to to have a nice Interior for possibly Shop Storage or anything that I would like. So in other words I would like it hollow!
    Pay can be discussed. I understand that this is a Big build. If someone does it Amazingly and how I would like it. I would be willing to pay quite a bit. :)

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  2. And you will supply materials obviously?
  3. I'm sure that once my residence building company is ready I could build that for you :)
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  4. I'd work on that with you ironic. I've built a huge tree in skyblock once, but I wasn't happy with it. would like to watch someone build a better one.
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  5. Ok can you PM me, if the building is quite big I might bring in one of my builders to help with it.
  6. The build is very big. but it's a large job for 2 reasons:
    1. The tree is irregularly shaped, which means you'll be building and breaking all over the place to get it right.
    2. the logs must be placed a particular direction, which means some fiddling all over the place.

    It's not a simple build, but will be challenging.
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  7. How to build a massive tree-
    Outline in dirt so you can shape where the wood goes
    Mess around with leaves and lighting in the leaves
    Add vines and other aesthetically pleasing elements
    Shouldn't take too long, maybe a week or two.
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  8. Do you have enough materials to build it? If not I'll build you a semi-automatic tree farm on your residence to speed up resources collection, however if you want it flly automatic then I would have to build it in the wild (because it uses the withed to break the wood).
  9. Build one then :) i wanna see it.
  10. That's still not fully automatic :) but it's faster.
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  11. give me a residence and a week and I will :p
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  12. That can be arranged.
  13. Supplies will not be ready, that is why there is a good $ :). If you both are interested in working together I can split it between you both.
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  14. Thanks I would be happy to work with you both.
  15. I would have to know what the payout would be before I make a commitment to a project like this.
  16. How about you both create a REASONABLE pay to share between you guys..
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  17. As long as we both get 50% of it I'm fine. How about 50,000r since its such a big build.
  18. Im sorry you both, but this will no longer be going through.. I have found someone who will do it practically for free. Thank you..
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