[Hiring] Builder

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  1. Im going to be paying 20k for someone to build my shop, i will provide the blocks that you need, i need a good builder(Or decent), but i dont have the design, so 20k to build my shop i will provide blocks and you invent the design (The design, if it is more unique im going to pay 2k and if still more unique 4k more! :D) For the design i was thinking like a mall, with a cool design a place with alot of shops and stuff
  2. I could help, but I don't really have a design in my head and I find 20k low for so much effort. :)
  3. i will do but i wont u to show me what u want doin
  4. u can come look at the shop im building atm at 9280 SMP4
  5. i built odd_kid's house cant remeber witch server 2 i think? 6095
  6. I'm interested.. I even have an idea for a design..
  7. I've got an idea and you dont have to pay me that much. :)
  8. Ummm...??