Hiring: Builder with a little redstone experience

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  1. Ok, so I saw this awesome video on YouTube for a semi-auto tree farm and I built it in creative but I really don't have the time to build it on EMC. As you can see from the video (just skim through it) it doesn't really require a lot of redstone knowledge because you can see exactly where everything should be placed, but if you make an error it could be a lot quicker to find it with some redstone knowledge. Also I will provide the 3 Wither skeleton skulls but you must provide the rest ( I can supply materials but you will probably have to pay their worth +10% for my time collecting them, whatever let's just call it negotiable). This will be built in wild obviously but I will make sure not extremely far out because it might be hard to transport materials. So yeah, that's about it. Just make an offer and let's see if anyone beats it and I will choose cheapest offer when I see fit. Also, there's no swearing in the video or anything so don't worry.
  2. Let me clarify some :)
    Everytime you log out, server restarts or the chunk unloads the wither will despawn. If you plan on afking from reboot to reboot at this farm it'll be more than worth it if you have a constant supply of skulls. I can give you perms to mine if needed.
  3. Seriously...
    That just totally killed my joy of finding that video... so I must ask, are you positively sure?:eek:
  4. Yep, in the video you'll see that Daniel uses a nametag so the wither won't despawn (renamed mobs don't despawn) on EMC renaming a wither boss is disabled.
  5. :( Well, at least I did this thread instead of building something that doesn't work myself... Thanks sam.

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