[HIRING] Builder(s) - 250k pay - no design skill required

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  1. I'm hiring builders, however unlike most jobs, there's no design/architectural skill required - all you'd need to do is copy the design of my SMPMall (the smp1 version)! Once the exteriors and interiors (display stands included) are completed, I will set up the chest shops. The pay is 250k, with you supplying all the materials. A loose deadline will be set for you to complete the build, however it should take an active player around 2-3 weeks to complete.

    Right now, I'm hiring two builders - one for SMP9 and one for SMP5.

    Private message me if you're interested and ask your questions below. :)
  2. I can do it for 5. I won't be able to log
    On tomorrow due to family business so talk to me on Sun. ( Monday for you I guess)
  3. Send me a private message :)
  4. Ill do it for 9.
  5. Send me a PM please.
  6. Just did Alex!
  7. I should have around an hour a day for the next months. School starts in a couple days and I'm in all honors classes.
  8. An hour a day probably isn't enough to get it done in 3 weeks, unless you work super-super fast. :/
  9. I can work fast don't worry. Plus I will probably have more time.
  10. I should be able to help for an hour each day :)
  11. Just to make it clear for everyone, I'm looking for the easiest to work with. This means that only the quickest, most trustworthy and active people will get the job. You can't just give up - this is a 24/7 (when playing) job - because if you do you won't be paid anything.

    I'll probably come to a decision in a day, when I have the res's and everyone that's interested.
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  12. Sorry :)
  13. Alex can you estimate how many hours it took for you to build it? I can usually manage 1.5 hours a day
  14. One hour is just how long I play on emc
  15. I can't really, just around 3 weeks. :)
  16. If you haven't already, go to 4005. Then you should understand why building it in under 3 weeks with only an hour a day would just be impossible :)
  17. I've been to 4005 before. But that's not the mall he wants to copy, it's the smp1 he wants
  18. They're the same, just the occasional material difference.
  19. Hmm, never realized Alex had a smp1 mall already. Where is it?