Hiring builder of a semi automatic Spruce Tree farm

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  1. :D the title explains it all. Please if you do have a design make it reasonable. I am willing to pay 10k max
  2. Contact biggerhammer he is good with this stuff.
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  4. But its gonna cost me 20k either I supply materials or not cause the materials altogether is about 15k + 4k for him to build it :/
  5. Apocryphan's tree machines are worth more than what he charges.
    Also, you can vote on all 9 websites daily and you will have the rupees soon :).
    Plus we've been known to donate some.
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  6. just to specify for this thread it's 20k if i supply and 12k if you supply, and comes with a lifetime warranty on repairs, so if an update breaks it, or it stops working right, i will come and fix it or upgrade it if i've found it to be a common occurence. here is the item list for it. and an item list for a cheaper version of cubehamsters i found, notice the amount of repeaters used, mine is far cheaper if you break it down, and you can use any of the 5 woods.

    185 sticky pistons
    134 regular pistons or less depending on the size of block storage you want, this is max
    10 repeaters
    8 comparators
    30 hoppers
    1 dispensers
    1 dopper
    23 sand
    3 stacks of dust
    3 stacks of torches
    3 stacks of whichever block you want for a pattern
    3 stacks of slabs
    3 obsidian

    dust, torches, blocks and slabs i didn't bother counting, since it is mostly them, so any remaining after it's done will be returned

    cheapest version of a tree eater (without block storage) i found is
    Sticky Piston 168
    Piston 85
    Redstone Wire 400
    Redstone Torch 13
    Redstone Repeater 237

    that version can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQVG8IyhI18
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