Hiring: Awesome builder (paying hot rupees)

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  1. Hello guys.
    I need someone to build me a castle. im paying 60k rupees and ill cover materials
    i need a huge and good castle(preferably covering the 60x60 residence)

    please send me a picture of any sample of your build or tell me your res number for me to see it personally (a must!)

    60k rupees is a good amount for you to build it right.
  2. I would be willing to take on this challenge. PM me with more details?
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  3. I want to do it me me me
  4. Off topic... but ill build you a dam. It doesn't fill the plot but it still is big.
  5. I want to! Please message me, to check out my work check out smp1 residence 958
  6. Medieval castle? Modern castle? Which type? I'll do it for 50k r. I don't like to suck people's rupees from them for jobs, no matter size.
  7. ill take any challenge hook me up

    See ya there
  8. I'll go ahead and be the bigger man here and step down from this challenge to give other players a shot at this :3
  9. I ask that you consider me to build your castle. Below is a picture of my residence at 12243 on SMP6.


    It has four towers, ample space and crafting facilities, a chapel, a barracks, a dungeon, and a secret hidden area. I can build one with a similar design or I can build one with an entirely different style.
  10. please send more application guys. and try to build more good stuff.
    Give as much detail as possible like wall designs and such.
    Im not paying foop rupees here its big time so please take it seriously.
  11. My brother jameskim885 is a good builder. Check out his res smp4 at 8438. He might be interested.
  12. We don't need you to chastise us. Build your own castle.
  13. I'll Help out for free!~!! I dont want to build it All, but i would like to help out! pm me plz
  14. @Joe - Well sorry I don't have enough time to build it my own, plus what i said was right. If the price dont match the quality why accept it right?

    Aldrin is the person who chases you around, I personally would not accept this building assignment :p
  16. It would be nicer if it was you who build your res :)
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  17. yeah ecli is the man when it comes to building. too bad, too bad i cant get him @@
  18. It's funny that you're disparaging other people's work when you're not willing to build it for yourself. It defeats the purpose of Minecraft to pay another player to build something for you. Moreover, it is absurd to pay anyone to play a video game on your behalf, which is what you are doing. After this gets built, do you intend to pass it off as your own work? Will you feel proud of "your" accomplishment? You're like a little child whose parents buy him a trophy he didn't earn just so that he could feel good about himself. Pathetic.
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  19. My goodness Joe, how come you are bringing up the topic about that?? is it because i didnt like your work? like what ive said i dont have time. please consider that im looking for a builder to build a castle where i will live. and i work hard for the rupees i have to pay to the right person. please stop flaming the thread I made.
  20. Not to be rude but you're the childish sounding one from your posts in this thread. As the one with the rupees he is the one to choose who he wants to build for him.