[ Hiring ] Any Graphics Artists Out There?

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  1. Hey Guys and Girls,

    I'm making a Minecraft parody of a song. I have a vocalist, instrumental person, and lyrics writer, but I do not have an animator. I thought for a good while, and I thought
    "Hey! Why not make it more original and make it consist of artwork!"


    So , I'm hiring graphics artists, if you think you're any good at art, please try this! I will pay you any cost necessary even if it means paying for a supportership for you in game.

    Sounds Good, What Now?

    PM me with a picture of artwork you made. Format for PM :

    Title: {Name}'s Artwork

    {Picture of Artwork}
    {1-3 Sentences describing it}

    Artwork Requirements

    The artwork you apply with will be a picture of my skin in a walking position holding a pick

    Style Of The Artwork
    minecraft_fan_arts_by_cawkav-d4u2plj.jpg nqxeubnrvfbcso.png

    In addition, the final result {animation wise} is supposed to look like this :