[HIRING] Amazing and Spoopy Builder :o

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  1. Hiya,

    Today I am looking for an amazing and very very spoopy builder (Either on Build Team or retired Build Team I am totally okay with ^.^). Here are a few examples of what I expect for in this builder to exactly build.

    Yep, this is sort of what I am looking for. I will supply, also this IS from a youtube video so I will pull that one up as well.

    Also I want you to fill out this form so I know your experience, and that I can trust you in this task.


    If you spam this with "Nub" it will be deleted :)

    I will also be choosing who will be my builder by the 25th.

    Thank you guys! Peace bro's <3,
  2. I can get you this I think, will you supply or will I ( only so I know what to charge )
  3. Ahhhh crap forgot to put it in the form, okay, don't answer form yet!
  4. Done, I got it in forms, Okay, answer it now :)
  5. ALso I forgot to mention that if you do NOT post a link to an Imgur album, your response will NOT count at all. Unless you and 4 other people only responded to this one :p
  6. that looks very spoopy indeed
  7. 'Tis my attempt to make it that way...
  8. Okay ww2fan168, you are my builder, but I do need this done by the 30th so you got 3 days, if you do NOT complete it by 30th, you will get half pay. Make that list, send it in a convo to me and get building when I get the materials.