Hiring a designer!

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  1. Hiya guys! I need a designer for two things.

    #1, I have a dojo on my main lot. I want a garden in front of it and I'd like a little help making my dream come true. I want a pond, with lily pads, and a stream that winds around the front of my dojo, with sugar cane and birch trees, and a little bridge over the stream.

    #2, This is a MASSIVE project. I have a lot on smp2. I want a games lot designed. (it has too look pretty) I want a party room in the center, (I'm thinking colleseum looking kinda) with a pig race track around it, I want obstacle courses too. I want games like connect 4, checkers, and chess set up.
    I want it to look stunning and I need A LOT of help. (This lot will be for giveaways.)

    If you can help me with 1 OR 2 please post here. Thanks to anyone who can help my visions come true! :D
  2. I might be able to help you out with #1 do we have to suplly ourselves?
  3. No.
    Also, I will only hire someone that is ok with me paying when its finish, and only if I love it.
  4. Alright I can help you out
  5. Ok, When can we both be on so I can be around while you do it?
    Edit: Again. I want to be 100% happy with it before I pay.
  6. all i need is a bucket, an infinite water source, a pickaxe, some lilypads, and well bonemeal

    ill do it for 100r

    It will be amazing
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  7. i can help you out will you supply the materials????
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  8. i have to see if i have saplings
  9. Of course. Help with #1 or two?
  10. hmm ill try to go on smp8 now
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  11. i could help you with number one but i can't build good redstone things
    I could help you today at 5:00 centeral (mayby)
  12. Redstone things? Also #1 is almost complete, when it is I will edit the first post.
  13. lOVE your signature
  14. I'm your man for number 2 I have ideas already! (Especially for connect 4
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  15. I can help you out with any of these things, though I think I'm too late to get a job alone.
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  16. Terr I will give you money for any supplies you need and we can discuss how much you want for it. When can you start.?
  17. Tomorrow, what timezone are you in? I'll start a convo.
  18. Well my sleep scheldule is SCREWED. So Im trying to fix it. I won't be up at regualar times until about a week from now.
  19. Im interisted, if you want you could see some of my building on smp5 11387