[HIRING] A Designer for a Modern Style Home (HIGH PAY)

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  1. I need someone to design me a modern style home on my res. Modern as in lots of glass, and oak planks. Im talking im ready to drop 10 grand on this. Youll need to buy your own supplies, but ill pay you. I need this ASAP. So if you can, just post a picture of what youve made before, OR post a res # youve designed.

    I cant express how much money isnt a problem for this, and how much i need this fast.
  2. i can do it but youll need to supply
    i can do an ok modern but im best at modern italian
    heres a pic of some of my work
  3. sorry about that the pic didnt work...to large lol
  4. I should be able to do this. I will supply :)

    Bucky, there's no picture.

    I can't get a picture either.
  5. but anyways i can do it if you supply
  6. I Can do it!!

    We supply everything ;)
  7. all of you post pics lol. I wanna know how you each build
  8. you guys should use imgur
  9. Its all bout photobucket
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  10. About 1/4th of a plot
  11. i built an amazing modern condo made of wool, glass, and stone in my ssp world with a hottub and living room i can pm u pics if u wanna see it
  12. On utube there is a guy called kerilis.
    He makes epic modern homes! (do this if u want to save some molla (that means money!))
  13. Im already building it ;) everything is going according to plan
  14. this is in my singleplayer world i can make somthing like this
  15. That looks like a kerilis de sine DID you de singe this?
  16. I can build something. I am working on a house in the wild. I can make a pretty good house out of white wool and glass. I try not to use wood when I can.
  17. lol goodc try i know keralis and i know he built that on a beach town that he recently finished :p
  18. i would be good with this task