Hiring a Builder

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  1. Me and a friend RaiinL are seeking the following :

    * An amazing Mall 50x50 and 14 Floors.

    * We have a budget, however make an offer of how much and make an offer.

    * As for Design, Something Modern and up to date. We can discuss this all when we
    speak to the builder in person. We will then make final decisions on all products

    * Also presenting a portfolio of your prior or current builds will be required :D

    * Contact me xSkitzie or RaiinL for any other information or to make an offer!!!

    Thank you all for your time. Serious inquires only. And as always have an awesome day!
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  2. Come on guys its a way to make a good amount of rupee's!
  3. When do you need this? Timeframe? Deadline?
  4. Hey I'm majoring in architecture right now in college. I can design and build if you want?

  5. That would be amazing!!!!
  6. Hey send me a pm
  7. We would like it to be done within 3 weeks if possible.
  8. Starting today? I'm afraid I don't have a spot open atm. :l
  9. well when would you? I would very much like to discuss with you I love your builds I looked at your portfolio! IF we have to wait that will be ok too.
  10. Haha i've been building for quite a while xD