Hiring - 15k job.

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  1. I have a single player map I have been bilding up over the last week or two. I have come to a point where one of the construction jobs I wish to complete will take a very long time on my own. I am looking for somebody trust-worthy and hard working enough to complete the job and do it respectfully.

    If you click the image and open it up, you will be able to see what I mean much more clearly.

    The job:

    Along the outline of the minimap I have drawn a red line. I have a wall built around my house, but am looking to expand my domain to the entire area.

    The red line represents the border of where I wish my control to extend. In essence, I am looking to build an island out of the area I am already in. I am thinking a trench about 10-12 blocks wide and about 10-20 deep which I (or you if you wish to help) will fill with water.

    I realize I could just lop off the side attached to the snow and keep ALL of the grass area. But I would suffer the need to light all of it up to reduce monster spawning, which I intend to do. I am also planning on cutting down all of those trees to the left of the red line and colelcting the wood, then if possible digging the ground down deep enough to put at least one or two layers worth of water on top of it.

    This job could be open to more than one person, but the money would be split between you two, since I have not been building up my wealth on EMC for quite some time.

    If Interested, please send me a PM. I plan on hosting this server on my own machine, which means it will not be up 24/7. I have no idea how long this project will take, but I plan on having food and tools available for you (keeping in mind that it is survival, and that I have to gather all of the resources.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Just wondering, if i work on this can i put the world file on my minecraft server, and use world edit to help me, then send the world back to you?
  3. I'm thinking not as it sounds like he wants everything done legit. World editing would possibly mean spawning items and a real person didn't do it...
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  4. Exactly. I have done this map entirely legitimately, and plan to keep it so. If I wanted to do world Edit, I could do it myself :p
  5. umm what do u want done?
  6. i cn def do it especially for tht priceeee