[HIRING] 1 digger to dig out my res, pay can be discussed

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  1. As said in the title, I need 1 digger to completely dig out my res at 3192. The price I am looking to pay right now is around 15k ish. If you are interested please post here. Prices can be discussed. :)
  2. I would like to since I'm in need in money and I can do it for 15k.
  3. You are hired. Since your response was so fast I think I'll pay you 20k instead. :)
    How fast do you think you will be able to get the entire thing done?
  4. Probably a week.
  5. Oh I wanted the job! Do You need another digger?
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  6. If matjam agrees, you will each receive 15k. You will also get the job done faster so faster pay for both of you. So I can hire you IF matjam agrees.
  7. Well thnx. I have to tell You something: I will last a week, starting on monday.
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  8. I actually sorta needed 20k for some business projects.
  9. Well you get 20k and I get 10k cuz I will start on monday
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  10. That could work.
  11. I think we have an agreement!
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  12. Ok and I can start today :D
  13. Ninja has to agree
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  14. I agree. I just want the thing dug out. :)
  15. Ok ill be at your res in a minute or two.
  16. I can bring my super shovel. That is, if you're willing to pay more money.
  17. If ya'll need anymore help, i'm avaible :)
  18. Ppl: I think I will quit. i am not Able to do it this week but I can on monday next week ( I will be there because I dont think that matjam360 can do it all). I will be back on monday if there is still work to do ( something that probably will happen)
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  19. So... If there is still some work to do I will go on with that
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  20. I got a friend that can enter my account and do it. So I will do it this week dont worry
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