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  1. I need somone to build me a working villager breeding machine similar to the one that bobthetomatoe build at 16022 on smp8. If you go to 16021 and turn around and walk you will see what he did I want 2 of those build on my residence on smp3 3k and you supply materials. Let me know please. :)
  2. I got around 130 wooden doors if you'd like to buy :)
  3. I got a space and money if you are gonna build it.
  4. Uhh, I currently can't get online to minecraft due some... weird messed up internet issues I don't understand..(I have been barely on this week due that issue)

    I would build it for your but I'd need some time to get online AND If bobthetomatoe's "machine" involves redstone and stuff I'll not be able to do it. I only know the basic house one thingy.

    I had a villager breeder myself. It had the 130 doors, I left for like 30 hours and had left 2 villagers there I returned I encountered around 40-50 villagers.

    Might not be the best but it works.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.