Hijaxk's Smp8 Hall Of Heads

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  1. To all EMC members ,
    I am building a Huge Hall of heads on smp8 and currently Taking ALL donations! At 16007 on smp8 You can drop your head of in the hopper near the hall and Help Grow my Creation ! I know i am No where near the size of Igoramoose's Collection on smp2 But I hope To be close someday .
    Right now I have 3 moderator Heads ( JackBiggin , Chickeneer , and 5weety ) And hoping to Get More . All Donations Help at 16007 So Please Come stop by!

  2. "Miscellaneous" might not get that much attention Jax. ;) Try adding a few screenshots of your gallery and maybe getting this moved to EMC Creations or Community Discussion?
  3. Moved the thread for ya. ;)
  4. Thanks Keph! I will
  5. Would love a screenshot