Highlights of the 2013 live stream:D

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  1. AlexChance's voice got married;
    Smooch's daughter likes chocolate. And milk. But hates chocolate milk and wants nothing to do with it.
    Aikar can code a server but can't seem to order pizza;

    Feel free too add to the list; that's just what I could come up with; I could only listen for a few hours:(
  2. Me managing to fail at connecting to the FTB server, and Chickeneer taking about 6 hours to get whitelisted >.<
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  3. The shoes.. Oh god the shoes..
  4. I did not make an appearance even though I said I would.
  5. Queendiva1, a mom, got The Binding of Isaac. A game about a child being thrown into a basement by his mom and eventually ends up killing his mother. :)
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  6. Oh god that was funny xD

    Krysyy sounds like Max!
    And Aikar has a really, really strong Southern accent! ;P
  7. Me winning the raffle when I was expecting not to win. :|
  8. Is the podcast on twitch.tv?
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