Highlancer has SKYPE! :D

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  1. Front of page news is Highlancer54 has skype!!!!

    Add him on skype because he still can't figure out how to add people ;)

    Now he has to get mumble ;)

    His name is Highlancer5479

    He loves to chat tah people (Don;t really know what else to say XD)

    He is currently a very silly person :D

    He is very sad to see me leave EMC and doesn't what to do D:

    HAHAHAH <3 :p #nohomodude!
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  2. Ha, now I just have to master talking and typing at the same time!
    Woot! Thanks to all the awesome people that I have talked to!
    If you wanna add me, just be sure to say you are from EMC and your user name!
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  3. I will add you in a bit :D
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  4. Awesome! I will be off of work in a couple hours!
    See ya in the mines.
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