High School sucks :(

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  1. I just found out today (with 2 weeks to go) that I have a maths exam.....MATHS.....I hate it so much I would burn it if I could. So today we had an important assembly, when we got back to class (five mins till the bell) My maths teacher says "Time for a test!"

    I despise maths teachers > : (
  2. I hate my maths teacher.
    Lol I don't want to kill her though :)
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  3. My maths teacher nearly got fired for putting our whole class in danger during a lockdown, he stood in the middle of the room in plain site
  4. And I was late to class (basketball practice) and when my maths teacher asked for my reason (I told him) he said basketball isn't a 'real' sport :O
  5. He seems like a jerk - you should go gather kids and ask to hold a conferencs with the guidance councelers and principles if this further gets out of hands - school is a place for learning , not to be mistreated ... Yes i liked both these teachers as a person, but as a teacher no - they were unfairly treating some or all of us - which jeapordised our grades or other activities - and that's why they are both fired is cause they yelled at me for knowing things before she taught it.
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  6. I am happy my maths teacher is not like this and makes maths fun. We pretty much ever stay on topic in the last 15 minutes of the lesson.
  7. lucky
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  8. I hate school for other reasons, but yes, maths are boring :/