High End Enchant Pack [SOLD]

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  1. SOLD
    You can find a very similiar pack here: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/auction-enchanted-diamond-bundle.9892/

    I have a ton of enchanted items ill never use, so want to get rid of them.
    I'm not fond of auctions, so simple buy now price

    80k gets you:

    All unused

    Diamond Pickaxes
    Golden Helmets
    Diamond Swords
    And: a level 50 enchant on any item you want.

    Please send intent to buy by PM and what item youd like enchanted, and ill acknowledge when the package is yours.
  2. I'm not able to buy this (I don't have enough money. XD) but I felt that I needed to say this:

    That texture pack your using is one of my FAVORITES. Quandary, right? :D
  3. Do you have to buy it all? Or seperately?
  4. id really like to get rid of it in bulk, but if you want to buy a chunk (like 4+ pieces) let me know which and ill work some price out for it and then edit this post to adjust accordingly.
  5. I can't wait till I have money to buy this kind of thing. What is that texture pack? Is it the Quandary pack scratch was talking about?
  6. Ok, how much for: All the bows and the Sharp 5, Knockback 2, Fireaspect 2 sword?
  7. my TP is Coterie Craft

    Please send requests for stuff by PM
  8. Sale pending of complete package.
  9. Reppin up coterie! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.