Hie Tetsuya Hitoshi here!

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  1. Hello guys!
    My name is Tetsuya Hitoshi
    I share this account with my little sister Tifa Hitoshi.
    We both are from Japan and are currently living in Singapore
    We play SMP2, as SMP1 ran out of plots for us D:

    We are friendly wwe don't bite, and we love making friends.
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  2. Welcome Tetsuya, I hope you enjoy it here.

    Please make sure that your sister understands the rules as well, we've had a few incidents with people who share accounts in the past. :)
  3. hello you two :)
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  4. Glad to have you :)
  5. Yeap me and my sister understands the rules.

    Thanks! I love the Residence plugin. Its my 1st time using it. And i must say im really satisfied :D
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  6. Yeah you won't find anything like it anywhere. I custom built the majority of it :) It was based off of the bukkit Residence plugin, and I have contributed back to that plugin, but by now so much has been changed in it that its really its own plugin.
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  7. Welcome!
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  8. Hello and welcome to the empire. I dout there anyone here that will bite back :p
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