Hide & Seek on SMP9

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by sgx2000, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. okay J_A_D_E_1_6 and I did hide and seek tonight on smp9 and it was fun... so i want to start doing this regularly for awhile....

    so basically i hide somewhere in town and i offer a prize up to whomever finds me... tonight we did 10k a few times and sometimes down to 5k depending on how hard it is. i did one that i thought was really hard for 15k but it turned out to be not so hard lol

    we give out some hints but still make it a skill to find you. we're done for tonight but i gave out 100k in rupees and we'll be doing it again tomorrow night on smp9 so be on the lookout!
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  2. OMG! This Was SO fun! thx for the 5,000!
  3. it was fun! i wasn't sure at first but once i started watching on the live map and seeing how close everyone was getting i was freaking out!!!