Hidden server?

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  1. Recently I found out a hidden server called Stage which JustinGuy connected to it about 10 hours ago.(I do /p justinguy to know about that)

    Like a normal smp server,it has its own town,wilderness and nether,but the map is messed up

    In wilderness theres a small region call move_test (Debug res?),nether has no protected spawn in live map.

    The address are super long (2000000xxx),is that a hidden server for JustinGuy to debug his plugins?
  2. How do you get the map.
  3. the guys right i did the /p justinguy
  4. Just visit stage.empireminecraft.com:8880 for the live map.
  5. It is standard practice to have a 'stage' type server to implement and test various plugins and server related software in safety without any potential danger of ruining an operational server. Things are only hidden if they have been intentionally obscured from view or knowledge. This was never hidden, it just wasn't knowledge everyone needs to know as it is of no consequential use to them :)
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  6. it needs white list and nobody is online
  7. Anyway I can go their, to get some glowstone.
  8. He can make a stage server with his home computer to test the plugins,why he spend extra money on a empty stage server?
  9. Realistic field test. I guess ;)
  10. In web development you have Dev (Development) -> QA (Quality Assurance) -> Stage (Staging) -> Production (Public Servers). Dev is the local developers machine, this is what I use when I am developing for EMC, and we don't have a QA. Stage is an important step before release because it is in the same environment as the production servers (the public servers). The EMC platform is large and complex as it connects all servers together over multiple physical servers. This is not something I can easily replicate on my local machine. And checking the updates running on the actual live platform with real EMC data is how I can maintain such a smooth experience, maximize uptime, and minimize downtime.

    It doesn't cost anything because the server takes up close to zero resources (because no one is on it).
  11. I learn a lot from asking this question,did you make the christmas tree in stage then transfor it to other server usig MCEdit?
  12. it is so he can test the new plugins and make EMC a better place ^.^ server and more unique
  13. The Christmas tree I got off of PlanetMinecraft and the pasted it on Stage and edited it to be the way I wanted, then copied it using the EMC cross-server copy/paste tool. I then pasted it on one server, and when I liked how it looked with the spawn I added the presents then told the entire spawn res to copy over to all the other servers :)
  14. what about the board things at /shop ?
  15. What about them?
  16. Is there going to be an update where they come in play or just there for looks? :p
  17. Are you talking about the community bulletin boards?

    We haven't had those in a looong time. It would be a nice feature to have again for sure.
  18. The reason I never did those in was because I have to find a better place for them and the time to make the plugin. We can't put anymore signs in that area, all the shop signs + the TONS of signs underground (tutorial is under the store) already causes sign lag. :)
  19. Oooh, yeah... totally not the place for more signs.
  20. Why not use a 120X120 lot around the town and make a cool building and have like the latest news and stuff
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