Hidden/Retracting Stairs - Buying

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  1. Hello World!

    I am looking for someone who could build a hidden staircase for me (with retracting stairs).
    It leads into my underground area if that makes a difference... (4 Wide Preferably, at least 2 wide)
    Looking for you to supply all materials as I just started on this server and don't have much!
    Please be on SM1! Post on this thread if you are interested in taking the job.

    - danny1197 :D

    PS - Here is a video of a much smaller version to get the idea -
  2. I can build it 1 wide. not sure it can be built 2 wide.
  3. I have 2 built on 3118 on smp2 if you would like to see later
  4. I'll take a look tomorrow!