Hidden Control for Displaying Coordinates?

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  1. When I was watching a Minecraft YouTube video, I saw the filmer had only their coordinates listed and nothing else from the debug over screen. Also, they weren't using any mods, just Vanilla Minecraft.

    How is this secret control possible?
  2. Are you absolutely sure it was no mods?
    I use one from the Approved Mods list that displays nothing but the coordinates on the screen when the over screen is turned off.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's just a mod that displays coordinates in the corner. Try searching for it and see what it is? It might be approved for EMC or if it's not you could always ask :p
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  4. ^

    This is pretty much it. :p
  5. Yep, just as I said above.
    I think the Mod is the Control Pack mod [correct me if I'm wrong or at least close:p]
  6. I recommend rei's minimap if you are going to install a mod because you have your coordinates displayed all the time and you also have a map :)
  7. As far as I know, X-Ray is the only mod that does that. So it's fairly unlikely to be approved on EMC.
  8. Edit: I checked the EMC wiki, the Control Pack is there on the "Useful Tools" approved mods list